Thursday, January 11, 2018

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 11

Today's video for Creative Jumpstart is by Catherine Scanlon: Traced Flower Painting. She used canvas paper, and traced a bouquet of flowers… I used my mixed media journal page (gesso'd) and traced a stained glass pattern. I found this difficult and wasn't liking my end result until I added graphite shading which really made a huge difference.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Zentangle Challenge #346 - Duo tangle, Phicops and Huggins

It's been a while since I did and posted a piece for Laura's I am the Diva Challenge (, but I'm planning on doing them regularly again, and have started a hand sewn journal to do them in. This week's challenge was a duo tangle to use Phicops and Huggins. I kept it simple but added a bit of colour with my beloved Graphitints.

Creative Jumpstart, Jan. 10

Today's video for Creative Jumpstart is from Annie O'Brien: Monoprint Collage. I did a number of layers of prints, and quit when I was mostly satisfied. I would have liked to add in a red or bright colour somewhere and might at a later date, probably by hand. I'm loving the second ghost print (the third and palest of the three).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 9

Today's video for Creative Jumpstart is by Andrea Gomoll: Recipe for Funky and Colorful Watercolor Mixed Media Projects. I took her advice and used what I had on hand rather than going out to buy… so, my choice of water-colour was the palate shown, a metallic palate. And since I'm doing this in a mixed media journal, the paper reacted differently than a water-colour paper would. And, I don't do faces, so this is the Zentangle tangle called Phicops. No spray paint, no moulding paste… I concentrated on the background. I may try this "recipe" on a piece of water-colour paper sometime with better paints, and more steps...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Creative Jumpstart, Jan. 8

When I saw today's video for Creative Jumpstart by Diane Trout: Spice of Life, I thought I might just skip this one… not because I didn't like her work and the project (I do!), but that demon self criticism jumped in and said "Way too hard - you can't do that!" I don't have the ground she prepped the paper with, and I have little or no experience with watercolors and realistic drawing. Well, I have moulding paste I wanted to try, so I gave that a go and followed her video though in my own way. The moulding paste bubbled and peeled a bit when it got wet, and I obviously didn't cover the whole page with it… but in the end, (after adding some graphite shading/accent), I'm not displeased with the result. Tomorrow I might add lettering to the spice jars or I might just leave it as is. I wouldn't hang it on the wall, but it's great for my journal - it represents a couple of firsts for me.!

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 7

Today's video demo is from Rae Missigman: A Recipe for Color and Resist. Rae makes lots of gelli prints using this method of drawing with a resist (crayon) then gelli plating, pulling 2 or more prints from her plate. She adds glazing medium and white paint after the first pull. Who would have thought I'd have so much trouble getting crayons? None at the dollar store, none at the corner or grocery store, and neither neighbour (who have kids) had any… Finally found a package today a fair distance away. I didn't want to scribble with the crayon so I did a few tries with Zentangle patterns. The first was done with white and didn't turn out well. After that I used coloured crayons and could at least see what I was doing. This is really the only set of pulls I was a bit happy with… I don't mind the ghost print. I think this isn't quite as easy as it looks, or, I'm being too critical...

Creative Jumpstart, Jan. 6

Today's video lesson for Creative Jumpstart is from Andrew Borloz: Hodge Podge Soup This was an interesting exercise for me, something very new, using a full page mask that had been cut into sections on a painted page, stencilling, then further embellishing. In his video he also briefly showed a sheet where he had tested sample colours, which I liked almost as much as his work, so I did one of those too. Andrew cut and laminated bookmarks from his sheet which I'm not going to do because this is going into my journal as a full page.